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15 Services You Can Offer as a Virtual Assistant

If you are a virtual assistant and looking for different services you can offer your clients, let me help share some options with you! Below you will find 15 services you might be qualified to do, to offer in your portfolio to your clients! I think as a virtual assistant we have all been there a time or two, thinking what services could we or should we offer. Granted, these all depend on your niche, skill set, and interest, but it is a great way to gain ideas on what you could and should offer! 

Being a VA is really awesome because you can find things you are good at and offer those services. You might be amazed at how many people hire for help, so they have more time to work on other areas of their business! You can always get more specialized training in areas so you can really show your strength in that area, and help widen your services in the future! The sky's the limit on what you can offer for potential clients! 

Different Services to Offer as A Virtual Assistant 

  1. Social Media Management| This one is pretty popular, take the load off for website owners and manage their social media accounts, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. 
  2. Business Correspondence| Clients might want you to handle their email and prioritize items that they should read first, handle some emailing back and forth with companies and so on. 
  3. Basic Bookkeeping| Depending on your clients they might want some basic bookkeeping skills! 
  4. Forum Commenting| This can be a forum, blog, or even social media accounts, handling returning comments on sites or commenting on other sites to get there name out. 
  5. Calendar Work| Managing appointments, scheduling articles to be published, etc. 
  6. Graphics and Designing| Working on images for designing websites, social media images, email signatures, websites, etc. 
  7. SEO Keywords| Finding SEO keywords for articles for bloggers, and doing the back end of things. 
  8. Writing, Editing, Scheduling| Writing up articles, editing it, and scheduling it out for the future to post. 
  9. New Clients| Depending on your client you might reach out to brands and potential clients on their behalf for potential work for your client. Setting up new leads and reaching out. 
  10. Event Management| Is your client planning an upcoming event? You might be in charge of reaching out to sponsors, planning and setting up for speakers, food, venue, etc. 
  11. Optimizing Websites| Making sure the ads and affiliate links in articles are reaching their maximum potential. You can do some research to see what items might work better, etc. 
  12. Newsletter Service| They may want you to handle creating and running their newsletter. This could include designing, adding new content, and sending it out on a regular basis. 
  13. Social Media Ads| Setting up, creating, and monitoring social media ads. Running analytics to see what is reaching and creating the most sales, etc. 
  14. PhotoShop Work| Maybe editing photos they have taken, or even taking photos of your client and editing them to fit what they are looking for. 
  15. eBooks| Helping your client create and sell an eBook. This could entail organizing the pages, getting it set up, editing, formatting and publishing it. 

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