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How to Keep Your Business and Personal Life Separate

virtual assistant Mar 06, 2019

Learning how to keep your business and personal life separate can be difficult at times, especially when you run a business out of your home! It is very important to set healthy boundaries for your family and even yourself, and that is why I have some solutions for you below, that might help you out! 

Being a virtual assistant is absolutely wonderful! You can choose your hours, work from your home, stay in pajamas sipping coffee! Running a business from home, can also leave you with unhealthy boundaries, and not knowing how to separate work and personal time! You might find that you Facebook has become filled with friend requests from clients, or your non-stop on your phone working and responding to emails. Below you will find some solutions to learning how to separate work and your free time! 

Tips for Separating Work and Personal Life 

Start and Stop Time 

Make sure that you try and set work hours just like you would if you left to go to an office each day. This can help you to not be around the clock working or responding to emails. It can allow you to know when you have free time to spend time with family, go out and have fun and so on. Don't allow working from home to consume you and miss out on life. 

Facebook Request

Use Facebook for your business on its business page, and keep your personal Facebook profile for your actual friends and family. Try not to mix it with clients who have sent a request, as you might find it becomes a mix of feelings. You may struggle with what they post or you feel you can't post something because you are friends with clients. So try not to mix your personal profile. 

Put Down Your Phone 

We live in such a tech savvy world, that we can have access to work with the click of a button on our phones, tablets, and computers. Make sure to step away from the tech stuff and put your phone down and spend time with your family. Don't want to hear your phone beeping with notifications? Put it in another room, turn it to silent and just unplug and spend time with your family. 

Push Notifications 

You get an email, you phone beeps, and then you see a number by your email icon. You miss a call, another beep, and number by an icon. This can rack up as the day goes on, leaving you feeling overwhelmed as the number rises. Hit disable on push notifications for your Facebook, Email, etc. Out of sight out of mind, is how you have to see it. You can't constantly be on Facebook and email when you are trying to cook dinner or out on a bike ride with your family. Disable those push notifications and get to responding when you start to work the next day. We all deserve and need time off. 

Virtual Receptionist 

You might be thinking I receive calls around the clock from clients or potential clients and can't fully unplug. Go the route of says a virtual receptionist - Google Voice! Google voice allows you to sign up for free, create a number and voicemail inbox, so when people call it gets routed to your Google Voice voicemail. They can leave you a voicemail that you can call back during your business hours. This can help eliminate getting interrupted during dinner, while you are spending time with your kids, etc. 

Get Organized

When you're organized, you don't have to stress out about what to do as much and it frees up tons of time. If you are a Virtual Assistant, you can use something like our Virtual Assistant Business Planner to keep your organized in all aspects of your business!


Work Space 

Make sure to have a designated work space in your living area. Try to balance work and life so that you are sitting staring at your computer as you are watching a movie with the family. It can remind you of all the work you need to do, so you can't really break free. Try to designate an area that you can sit and work and when you are done, close the door. If you don't have a lot of space, then tuck away the computer or put up paperwork, so that you don't focus on it when you are not working. 

P.S. I love what the Huffington Post has to say about balancing your business and personal life, too!

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