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How To Build A Six-Figure Business While Staying At Home

Nowadays, it's quite common for one parent to stay at home with the children, while the other spends their days working at an office job. It's almost become the norm for a lot of two-parent households. And while being a stay at home mom or dad is great, that doesn't change the fact that there may be some business savvy ideas that are brewing in your head as well. Staying at home doesn't mean that you can't work from home. Not at all. Staying at home means that you have the opportunity to care for your family, and provide for your family, all at the same time. Sounds pretty amazing when it's put that way, right? Is it possible to stay at home and build your business? Absolutely - it's exactly what I do! As a Virtual Assistant, I am able to stay at home and make over $5,000/month - all while taking care of my family and home! 

Simple Steps to Stay at Home and Build Your Business

  1. Work during the downtime. Being a stay at home parent is already busy, but then adding the...
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