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The online group coaching membership designed to help you build, grow and scale your Virtual Assistant Business by teaching you the systems and processes you need to succeed.


here's what you get . . .

tech trainings + form library

Learn how to navigate the hundreds on online programs that make your Virtual Assistant business run. Tech trainings + easy-to-follow forms will be created & released to members on a monthly basis (and you will have access to all of them as long as you are a member).

Monthly Group Coaching Calls

You can not beat the power of 1:1. That's why we all come together once a month for a live coaching call. This is the place to collaborate with others, have your very own hotseat, and get the inspiration & motivation you need to keep moving forward!


Now more than ever, we need community, even if it's virtually. By coming together, we can help grow our businesses, create friendships and, most of all, crush our goals. You will get access to our members-only Facebook group where you can drop questions, have immediate access to me and can send special requests for trainings.

Here's A Peek At The Topics We Cover:

With over a dozen trainings being added every month!

How much does it cost?

It's only $24.97/month! That's less then one meal a month. Our members are often cash positive by thousands in just a few months.


I'm here to help you every step of the way . .

✔️you CAN work from home, in your pajamas (if you want).

✔️ there are systems you could/should have in place that would make your business run smoother

✔️you can TRULY ditch the 9 to 5 and be your own boss, doing what you love.



I'm a mom of two under two, a Digital Marketing Strategist and a farmer....crazy combo, huh!?

I was in the thick of it as a Virtual Assistant for over 5 years and now coach people just like you on how to start your own business & live this incredible life.

When I started my own business, it was a giant leap of faith.

But, I am so, so thankful I did because I work with some AMAZING people doing amazing things.

Things like....
✨Helping students leave their 9 to 5 job and make a full-time income from the comfort of their home

✨Helping countless clients establish better sytems so they can breathe easier in their business

✨Helping clients reach goals like making a full-time income, learning project and time management, and how to juggle being a mom + entrepreneur at the same time

And now, I'd love to help YOU get it done, too, with the VA Business Lounge!


What people are saying about working with Alex . . .

"To say that working with Alex is an opportunity not to be missed is an understatement. I've never felt so aligned with a business decision in my life (and Alex know's, I've been burned a few times so I thoroughly vet anyone I hire).
Originally hiring Alex to run my Pinterest, I soon came to realize that I needed more help in running my business. After only a month into hiring Alex for Pinterest (she is that good), I knew I had to hire her as my business coach.
Many can be experts and professionals in their field, but not everyone can teach their expertise. Alex is one of those few gems that not only knows how to yield results for herself, but for her clients as well. And what’s more, she truly cares about your brand (and you) and wants to see you succeed. Alex will pick out what needs to be strengthened, not only in your business but in your mindset as well (as I've learned with Alex and seen the actual proof, you can have all of the skills but if the mindset isn't there, the numbers won't budge). 
I've never felt more supported in my business endeavors than when working with Alex because she treats you as if you're the only person she's concerned about, which is extraordinarily hard to come by.
You're not a number to her, you're a person. What's more, she's incredibly honest: if you're doing something you really shouldn't be doing and hurting your success and growth, she won't hold back in telling you, but even more importantly, she redirects you to the path you need to be on.
Now, I know at this point you probably want some numbers, which I certainly do have. My blog has grown by 20,000 page views in just 2 months of working with Alex (and continued to surpass my holiday surge, even though most consider January a low month), I was able to negotiate a contract to be $10,000 more than the original offer, and I've turned several brands asking for free content into clients paying for my highest priced packages just through a phone call, but that's just the start.
This is all thanks to Alex: the me before working with Alex did not have this confidence to be commanding high paying clients even though I deserved it. The me while working with Alex sees my worth, which has helped others see it in me as well.
And the best part? I've really started to streamline my business and through Alex's help, I've realized it won't just fall apart without me working constantly, which means I get weekends off (email away message is set), I don't work until 10 PM, I spend time freely with my family and partner, and I get to set my day according to how I want it to be.
In short (yes, that was lengthy), hiring Alex as a business coach will be the best decision you make for your business."

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